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Build multiple programs (of your choosing) with Just ONE link with a simple to use “follow me” referral system.

Passive Income Research

Access Industry Best Passive Income Research about Current and Future Top Notch Sustainable & Legal Passive Income Projects!

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Optional Affiliate plan pays up to $400 over and over again for as little as $35 one time out of pocket purchase. Earn 50% Matching Sponsor Bonuses too!

Earn as a Free or Pro member!

PIPFeeder gives you many opportunities to earn life changing money! If you choose to promote our program as a Free Member, you have the opportunity to earn 50% matching bonuses on your referrals 2nd cycle and beyond. Upgrade to Pro Member and you have access to all earning options!

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Why Choose PIPFeeder

Discover why everyone is joining PIPFeeder. We know you will love our platform and opportunity!

Lucrative Opportunity

Earn unlimited income with unlimited cycles and unlimited Matching Bonuses.

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Passive Earning

Your One Stop Shop for the Best Passive Earning Opportunities!

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Quality Support

With over 25 years of experience, you're in good hands with PIPFeeder.

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Follow Me System

Use our system to build your downline in up to 25 of your programs.

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Quality Advertising

Receive Banner, Text and Login ads for each purchase and reentry from our cyclers.

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Pay with Crypto

PIPFeeder allows you to purchase your position with multiple crypto options.

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How It Works

Follow our simple 3 step formula to begin earning with PIPFeeder!

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Deposit Your Payment

Purchase our Pro Membership for just $35 and start telling everyone about PIPFeeder!

Refer 2 New Members

Fill your first 2x2 Alpha Matrix and you have made your money back!

PIPFeeder Opportunity

The Compensation Plan was orginally designed with an initial $100 entry, but we have listened to our membership and have inserted an additional PIP Matrix to reach that $100 goal. The PIP Matrix works exactly like the Alpha & Omega Matrices below.

The PIP Matrix is only $35 and once all 6 positions have been filled (see illustration below,) it will purchase an entry into the Alpha Matrix, as well as a re-entry into the PIP Matrix.

You will earn $75 for every future cycle, starting with your 2nd cycle, of the PIP Matrix and your Sponsor will earn $25!

Introducing the
Freedom Matrix!

The Freedom Matrix is a little different than our Alpha/Omega matrices in that once someone purchases their position on your second level, you, and your Sponsor, are paid immediately! You do not have to wait until you cycle to get paid!!
We are paying this commission instantly so you can start compounding it immediately through our Passive Income Programs.

(Note... Positions #1-9 on your second level can be filled in any order, not necessarily from left to right only.)

Multi Stage Pricing

You can upgrade one or both matrices at any time. You must upgrade Alpha Matrix first before upgrading to Omega Matrix. Alternatively, once you have upgraded into Alpha Matrix, you can simply cycle Alpha Matrix for an automatic entry into Omega Matrix. Either way, cycle one time in Alpha Matrix and you will earn your money back!

Alpha Matrix


  • You will earn $100 upon your first cycle, making your money back!

  • Upon 1st cycling, you will reenter Alpha Matrix
  • Upon 1st cycling, you will enter Omega Matrix
  • All Cycles after the 1st earn $200 plus a reentry into Alpha Matrix
  • All Cycles after the 1st will payout a $100 matching bonus to your sponsor
  • You receive 5 Downline Builder links upon purchase

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Omega Matrix


  • You will earn $600 upon your first cycle... use it to join your Sponsors' programs

  • Upon 1st cycling, you will reenter Omega Matrix
  • All Cycles after the 1st earn $400 plus a reentry into Omega Matrix
  • All Cycles after the 1st will payout a $200 matching bonus to your sponsor
  • Unlimited Cycles = Unlimited Earning Potential
  • You receive an additional 10 Downline Builder links upon purchase

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Residual Follow Me System

Not only can you build a lucrative income here at PIPFeeder, our Follow Me System allows you to build your referral network SIMULTANEOUSLY in multiple companies and programs!

We currently support three Feature Programs, which you will join for free upon signing up with PIPFeeder. All three are amazing opportunities that will help compound your wealth! PIPFeeder was designed to fund any Income Program that costs money to particpate in.

Concurrently, you can use PIPFeeder to build up to 25 more businesses at THE SAME TIME. Imagine building one network and being paid by up to 18 (with many more coming down the road,) companies!!! Then, imagine having your entire downline follow you in to a new Opportunity, without the headache of trying to coordinate it... The opportunities are endless!

Multiple Income Streams are key, yet the true power of PIPFeeder is our Triple Compounding system. This system is based upon Forex & Crypto Trading, yet you don't have to learn how to trade IF YOU DON"T WANT TO! That's right, you can make money off of trading without having to learn how to trade! Our Featured Programs utilize trading bots, which trade for you.

And the best part is that you will be shown how to use someone else's money to reduce your risk to near zero! Imagine making hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day without risking a penny of your own money! PIPFeeder gives you an unprecedented opportunity to stack some serious cash!

Expand your Passive Income Portfolio and Join For Free Today!!!

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